What Are The 4 P’s Of Marketing And Why Are They Important?

What are the 4Ps of marketing and how do we use them effectively? This is the question many small business owners wonder everyday. As you begin to understand more about your “marketing mix” and how these factors play a major role when positioning a product in the market, you will become more effective with your approach. The 4Ps of marketing include: product, price, promotion, and place. In this article I will breakdown each component with examples to help you gather a clear understanding of this model.

Here’s some history about the 4Ps of marketing model and the term “marketing mix.” Marketing mix are combined factors used to bring into focus a brand or product’s unique selling points, a model created by Neil Borden. Essentially, E. Jerome McCarthy focused this model into the 4Ps of marketing.

The 4Ps of Marketing Model Components

· Product - Are you providing a tangible good or a service to your clients? Does this product or service fulfill a need or want of the customers? Consumers buy products because of their meaning or benefits. Quality packaging, design, and brand are all components of providing a product that not only meets needs but stands out from its competitors as well.

· Price – Basically, in simple terms, think of price as “what the buyer must give up” to obtain your product or service. Price is determined based upon the value the product is perceived to have. Price determinations have a major impact on supply and demand, and profit margins.

· Promotion – This is where we alert the world (our market) of relevant information regarding our brand and the product itself. Here’s where we outline the benefits, any advantages, and features. It took me the hard way to realize how important the written content is for this aspect of the 4Ps model. During this stage you’ve got to make sure all of your copywriting for product descriptions, website/landing pages, and advertisements speaks persuasively, clearly and concisely to each INDIVIDUAL consumer. Many businesses write to their consumer base but the not the individual. Promotion includes factors such as: newsletters, blogging, vlogging, social media marketing, Internet marketing, public relations and more!

· Place – Where will you position your product or service so consumers can purchase? Placing your product or service in front of your client’s face at the right place and time is super imperative. Will your product sell in retail stores? Know your location of product/service and how it will be distributed to consumers.

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All components of the 4Ps model should work together congruently in order to best serve your customers. For example, a high-end luxury item like Rolex may have difficult time selling at Wal-Mart. Because people perceive Wal-Mart as not being a desirable place to purchase a $20,000 watch, they most likely will not buy that item. Also, the same concept applies when determining price. If you are selling a product like authentic diamond and gold jewelry then you shouldn’t price the product too low. It will deter your consumers from purchasing because of their perception of the value certain jewelry hold.


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