The Real Reason Why Content Marketing Is NOT The New SEO

There’s been some NEW HOT convo going on around town regarding this SEO business! Many are wondering if SEO is new the content marketing or if content marketing is the new SEO. I have my thoughts about this so I want to take some time just to weigh the benefits of both and HOW they actually overlap. Are you still with me? If so, let’s go!

What is SEO?

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a process that include a set of responsibilities with the purpose of keeping your webpages and content at the top of the ranks in search engines. SEO experts usually have an extensive technical background. However, as a blogger or content marketer/writer you can still implement the same strategies to ensure your posts rank in Google.

What is Content Marketing?

Many of you know what content marketing is because you see it everyday on social media, emails, newsletters that you are subscribed to, your favorite blog etc. It is the art of providing valuable content that your consumers are searching for via YouTube, Google and all other search engines.

Marketing content include video as well and is great for accomplishing various business goals. Buyers are usually in the awareness stage of the marketing funnel. In other words, they are researching the type of service/product you offer. Depending upon whether or not your content is relevant to them will reflect to you their level of interest in your offer.

Examples of different types of content:

  • Podcasts

  • Vlogs

  • Webinars

  • E-books

  • Brochures

  • Case Studies

The purpose of content marketing is usually to spark engagement and build relationships with your desired target audience. Content marketing is a great tool for those looking to establish new client relationships, build a network of professionals, and standing out to your customers. The fact of the matter is content marketing and seo are different nonetheless they are dependent upon each other for success.

The Benefits of SEO

  • Use high quality content with relevant & correct keywords

  • Use videos with keyword-rich descriptions and tags

  • Allows for a mobile-friendly website that is visually appealing

  • Search engines are prioritizing QUALITY content

  • Attracts traffic to website for immediate sales

The Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Gain insight and uncommon knowledge regarding your industry

  • Brings you “closer” to your target audience to build a more personal “1 on 1” relationship

  • You will remain relevant to your audience b/c they see you as an “expert” which makes you more valuable to them (position as an authority)

  • Maintain audience for longer periods of time

  • Increase social media following

  • Gain the trust of your consumers

  • Better QUALITY leads

  • Create brand awareness

Content and Analytics

Why is it better to create new fresh content consistently?

  • Search engine guidelines are persistently changing, study guidelines of the platform you wish to utilize in order to be well-informed regarding what will or will not rank

  • For example, a slowly loading page can cause your ranking to plunge

  • Don’t redevelop older content and post repetitively

  • It is of your benefit to track and monitor your data. If needed, add an SEO expert to your list of advisors or to your team!

  • Search engines view your content as data

  • Imperative to focus on the QUALITY of your content and NOT the amount of content you are producing

  • Google, for example, likes quality and consistency

It’s better to post 1 quality piece of content everyday and the same time than to post 5 low value videos every week. You will find it advantageous to align your SEO strategy and your Content Strategy because SEO and content marketing GO TOGETHER. Aligning your strategy makes your message more consistent across various platforms. Ensure to monitor key performance indicators along with traffic.

Differences Between the Two

  • SEO is narrower and more technical

  • Content Marketing is broader and more rounded

  • SEO allows you to lead with data when creating content

  • Content marketing incorporates SEO tactics for different objectives, such as the use of long-tail keywords to attract new leads

  • Necessary element of SEO is keywords

Understand Your Consumers

One of the laws of power (the 19th law) from the book The Forty Eight Laws Of Power, states “Know Who You're Dealing With.” This exact principle applies when researching your market and your consumer base. What are their interests? What are their behavior patterns? When are they most likely to purchase a product/service like yours?

When it comes to understanding your audience you’ll need to build relationships and maintain those relationships. Also since you are implementing SEO strategies within your content then consider making an effort to understanding your customers on an emotional level. You want to know how they are feeling, what they care about, and what they need.

With a thorough process and strategy you’ll discover the ability to reach your audience in ways that you may not have thought of previously. Research the industry to find what tools and other unique techniques are proving to be effective.

Questions to consider:

1. How am I attracting cold leads? How effective is this method?

2. Is my warm traffic going where I want it?

3. Is my lead nurturing tactic working well enough?

4. Am I utilizing the right keywords in the correct way?


Here’s the truth about this whole situation between SEO and content marketing, they…both…work…together. It’s as simple as that! Because search engine guidelines are constantly changing, people’s wants and needs are constantly changing so even some of the best content marketers find it challenging to stay on top of a great content marketing strategy.

Know where content marketing and SEO coincide in order to get the maximum benefit from your time and energy.

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