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Updated: Apr 20

About 4 months ago I had an experience with a street salesman. He walked up to my car in the parking lot of a retail store, sprayed a couple samples of cologne and asked which one I’d buy. He then began quoting prices without me being able to complete my sentence to the question he’d asked. I was instantly turned off and was no longer interested in what he had to offer. This is what inspired me to get better at establishing relationships with my own clients.

I’ve realized that clients don’t care until they know how much I care. Instead of pushing a product into a random person’s face without knowing if the customer has a desire for what I’m offering. Here I outline some tips to help bring more value to your relationships with customers.

1. Connect With Your Clients

From day one you need to be connecting with your clients to build trust and security. Your clients want to feel secure in you and what you are offering. Ways to make them secure is to first research your client prior to meeting with them. Find out about their likes, interests, hobbies, motivators, and family life. Have integrity in the way you run your business and live up to your promises. If you can’t, simply don’t make any promises or guarantees.

2. Communication

Clients LOVE it when you are a thorough communicator with them. This means listening to what they are saying and what they do not say. Stay in constant contact during the process of assigning your contract to an investor. Provide any valuable information to your client that will help them along in the process. Show them that you are present, willing to assist, and will support their desires. Clear and concise communication keeps the relationship running harmoniously and your clients will definitely appreciate your efforts.

3. Have Common Goals As Your Client

What are those goals? What do they look like? Are they short or long term? Determine what your goals are and if the client you are taking on has similar goals and objectives. Communicate these goals with the client. What are the concrete steps needed to achieve the goal? Setting common goals is good because you can deepen your relationship with clients as you all are working towards to same outcome. You have them involved and they love it.

4. Establish Credibility

Credibility is a great tool to bring more value and money to your business. Grow your credibility by following up with clients, following through on your word and meeting deadlines will help clients see you and your service in a positive light. Maintain your integrity and provide thorough service. Treat your client special, as if they are the only client in the world who deserves the best.

5. Be The Answer To What Your Client Want To Achieve

Don’t try to push your service to your target market. Instead BE the answer to what they want to achieve. Not only should you present your offer to your client but also you should be providing value in other ways to the market. What are they really looking for? Dig to find the true reason why the seller desires to eliminate this responsibility.

6. Why Should Clients Work With You?

What is different about your services in comparison to the competition? Why should clients work with you? Is it because you are an expert or authority figure? Once you find out what makes you unique this is something your clients can benefit from. What can you do or offer that no one else can? Think in those terms. Understand your competitive advantage and how it solves your client’s problem. What makes you stand out is something you’ll need to figure out if you are to compete effectively.

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